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Although color photography was around prior to 1903, the Lumière brothers, Auguste and Louis, patented the process in 1903 and developed the first color film in 1907.  The French army was the primary source of color photos during the course of World War One.

Frontline trenches

Frontline trenches

Frontline trenches. Group of French servicemen, "Poilus",  in front of the entrance of a cote. Woods of Hirtzbach. (Haut-Rhin. France. June 16th, 1917).
From David Latapie (merci beaucoup!)
"Poilus" (hairy) is the nickname to French WWI soldiers, since they could not afford the luxury of regular shaving. It is a  term of affection, especially now.

Tranchée de 1ère ligne. Groupe de militaires Français "Poilus", devant l'entrée d'un abri. Bois d'Hirtzbach. (Haut-Rhin. France. 16 juin 1917).

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