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Although color photography was around prior to 1903, the Lumière brothers, Auguste and Louis, patented the process in 1903 and developed the first color film in 1907.  The French army was the primary source of color photos during the course of World War One.

Senegalese and other French African colony soldiers

Senegalese and other French African colony soldiers

From reader Paul Jackson in the UK:

"The Troupes de Marine have a maritime heritage and their badge is a fouled anchor. They are now incoporated into the army. They apparently still have a particular role now in being soley deployed for overseas operations and, when France was a colonial power, were often regarded as a colonial force.

In WW1 many of the Senagalese and other colonial troops were in the Troupes de marine.They fought with incredible valour and great sacrifice."

Paul provided the following link for more examples: Mémorial Virtuel du Chemin des Dames

Thanks, Paul, for the additional information!

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